J's Barber College

​​Barbering – 1500 Hours

Barbering Description

Barbering is one of the oldest professions in the world. With the advance of civilization, barbering, and hairstyling, the study of this profession leads to an appreciation of the accomplishments, evolution, and position of high esteem attained by early practitioners.

Course Curriculum/Outline
History Of Barbering/ Professional Image/Study Skills                                 75 Hours
Sanitation, Infection, Safety, Tools, And Equipment                                       45 Hours 
Sanitation, Infection, Safety Lab/Practical                                                   30 Hours
Men And Women Basic Haircutting And Styling                                            60 Hours
Shaving, Mustaches, And Beards                                                                  30 Hours
Men’s/Women’s Basic Haircutting And Styling Lab l                                    180 Hours
Electricity, Light Therapy                                                                             15 Hours
Chemistry For Barbers                                                                                30 Hours
Barbering Anatomy And Physiology                                                            45 Hours
Facial Massage And Treatments Theory                                                      45 Hours
Properties And Disorders Of Skin, Scalp And Hair                                       45 Hours
Barbering/Styling Lab Hair & Scalp, Facial Massage Treatment                   90 Hours
Chemical Services In Barbering                                                                  60 Hours
Chemical Services In Barbering Lab                                                           90 Hours
Men’s Hairpiece Theory                                                                             30 Hours
Men’s/Women’s Advanced Haircutting Lab ll                                            210 Hours
Hair Coloring For Barbers                                                                         60 Hours
Hair Coloring For Barbers Lab                                                                   60 Hours
Barber Shop Management/Job Readiness                                                  75 Hours
La State Barber Board Review                                                                  45 Hours
La State Barber Board Review Practical                                                  180 Hours

Total Hours                                                                                          1500 Hours

Grading Procedure

Students are assigned theory study and a minimum number of practical experiences required for course completion.  Theory is evaluated after each unit of study.  Practical assignments are evaluated and counted toward course completion.  Practical skills are evaluated according to text procedures, performance standards established by the state-licensing agency.  Students must maintain an academic grade average of 70%.  Students must pass makeup or missed tests and final written exams prior to graduation.  Numerical grades are considered according to the following scale:

          90-100        Excellent
           80-89        Very Good

           70-79        Satisfactory
            0-69         Unsatisfactory (Below Satisfactory Academic Progress)

Students must maintain a minimum of 70% average in theory, laboratory, and practical work in order to be considered making satisfactory progress

Students must complete 350 hours coursework along with instructor approval to qualify to work on clinical floor.

Instructional Method

The instructional methods are presented through comprehensive lesson plans that reflect effective education methods.  Subjects are presented by means of lecture, demonstration, and student participation. Audiovisual aids, guest speaker, field trips, projects, activities, and other related learning methods are used in this course.                                                                                    

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this course will have acquired the knowledge and skills to pass the Louisiana Department of Licensing and Regulation Exam and seek employment in a number of beauty related industries.  Most girls and guys who choose this profession already love fashion, style and trends.   With a Barbering license a person can do more than just cut hair.  Barbers can work for a product line such as, Matrix, OPI, Joico and many more.  They can become a product advisor, a platform stylist working with models and photographers, or work for television studios, nursing homes and even funeral homes.  The career opportunities in this field, whether as a salon owner, make-up artist, or a product sales representative are endless.  Gainful employment information for J’s Barber College is located at

Barber Instructor Course – 700 Hours

Barber Instructor Course Description

The instructor’s course will allow you to learn philosophy and professional development to become a successful master educator. You will also learn the basic functions to facilitate learning among students in the study of the art and science of teaching and instruction of Barbering.

Course Curriculum/Outline

Classroom Training In The Science Of Teaching                       154 Hours
Teaching Assistance and Observation                                     235 Hours
Performance Of Demonstration                                                76 Hours
Supervised  Practice Teaching                                                235 Hours

Total Hours                                                                            700 Hours


Grading Procedures

Students in the Instructors course are assigned theory study and are evaluated after each unit of study.  Student Instructors practical assignments are evaluated on performance skills when assisting students as well as performance standards established by TDLR.  Student Instructors must maintain academic grade average of at least a 70% and must pass any makeup or missed exams and pass a final written exam.  Numerical grades are considered according to the following scale.

        90-100           Excellent
        80-89            Very Good
        70-79            Satisfactory
         0-69            Unsatisfactory (Below Satisfactory Academic Progress)

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this course will have acquired the knowledge and skills to pass the LDLR State Board Exams and become a successful master educator. Upon licensure, employment can be obtained in a number of beauty related industries. The career opportunities for licensed instructors are many such as product educator for a variety of beauty related products, or choose to work for or manage a beauty school. 


Physical Demands of the Barber Profession

The physical demands of the barber profession require healthy body and mind. Good health is a basic element for living. Without it one cannot work efficiently or enjoy a pleasurable life. As a barber you should be living example so that you can increase your valuable to yourself, to your employer, and to the community. You should practice stress management through relaxation, rest, and exercise and avoid substance that can negatively affect your good health such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Being a barber demands standing on your feet for long periods of time and working long hours. Persons who cannot stand for long periods of time could choose a career as a nail technician, which requires sitting with good posture. Therefore, good health, personal hygiene and good posture are important demands in the barbering field.
The use of your hands are to handle and control the combs, scissors, and clippers.

It is important for barbers to be able to:
Hold the arm and hand steady in one position
Use fingers or hands to grasp and move small objects
Understand the speech of another person.
Speak clearly so listeners can understand.